6 Tips To Grow Your Hair Faster

6 Tips To Grow Your Hair Faster

After reading this e-book you will learn 6 tips to grow your hair faster. You will learn how to incorporate these tips in your hair care routine consistently.

Growing your hair can be very tedious and challenging. I know how it feels to, not have enough time to give consistent proper care to my hair. When I started this journey of wanting my hair to grow longer and stronger, I had to first get rid of the mindset that my hair will grow over night. There is absolutely no magical potion that can grow your hair without you putting in the work. To be frank growing your hair takes a lot of effort and determination.

 Here are 6 tips that you can follow very closely to achieve the hair growth and goal you are looking for.


Incorporate Food That Are Protein Rich In Your Diet

Having adequate amount of protein in your diet will boost your hair growth. This is because our hair follicles are made up mostly of protein. A lack of protein can cause hair loss in many women, if their hair follicles are not being nourished adequately. Hair growth starts from the inside and having a balanced diet will help to improve the hairs texture, shine and volume. While I was pregnant with my son, I would crave mostly for food rich in protein such as salmon, eggs and nuts. I realized throughout my pregnancy my hair was much thicker. 

Here are some high protein meals that can improve your hairs’ health. 

If you’re Vegetarian here are some options you can try 


Deep Condition your hair weekly

Did you know that shampoo strips the hair of its moisture? Using a deep conditioner every wash day is very important to replace hair moisture and maintain hair growth. Without use of deep conditioners, the hair is left dry, brittle and prone to breakage, making the hair very hard and difficult to manage. Many women will only shampoo their hair and not apply a deep conditioner afterwards.  They often think that just using natural shampoos without sulfates is good enough, but that is incorrect and in fact contributes to hair loss. Deep conditioners will help the hair to feel softer, be more manageable and will also bring the moisture back into the strands that is lost during the shampooing process. If your goal is to grow longer and retain length, then moisture is your hairs best friend.

Our Jamaican black Castor oil deep conditioner is great for moisturizing every strand. Jamaican Black Castor oil is a popular natural treatment for hair loss. Its natural thickness provides ultra-hydrating moisture, and it helps to increase hair growth at a rapid pace. It is the one of main ingredient in our Jamaican Black Castor Oil Deep Conditioner, along with other hair loving ingredients that prevents hair loss, boost tissue and repair during your washday such as Sunflower seed oil and Sweet Almond Oil. 

Add our 8oz jar to your haircare stash.




Incorporate Supplements in your diet

Sometimes our hair break and fall out and we have no idea why this happens. You may recall as mentioned before, hair growth starts from within and even though we may have a balanced diet it may not be enough to nourish our hair strands. I am anemic, which is a condition in which you lack enough red blood cells to carry oxygen rich blood to your bodies tissues and this can lead hair loss. I include iron supplements in my diet to boost red blood cell production in my body. While pregnant with my children, I had to double the amount of iron supplement to ensure that my body was getting enough iron as well as my children and my hair. This is a very important part of our hair growth journey, and it is important that before you start taking supplements to visit a dermatologist or a regular doctor to determine if you are lacking any nutrients in our body. Here are some supplements I included in my diet that when taken together to increase my hair growth:

Iron- Iron helps to boost our immune system and help us to have a healthy blood flow. Our scalp have many blood vessels flowing underneath the skin. Healthy blood carries healthy oxygen that promotes hair growth. 

Biotin- It is also known as vitamin B7, this vitamin stimulates the keratin (a type of protein that makes up your hair, skin and nail) production in our hair strands and increases the rate of follicle rejuvenation.

Zinc - Zinc plays a critical part in repairing the hair’s tissue. Using biotin and Zinc together will help the hair to gain thickness and strength. 

Folic acid - Folic acid helps to hair to generate new cells, it prevents premature greying, and it also helps with the production of oxygen rich cells that is normal and stabilized.

Vitamin D - Vitamin D helps to stimulate old and new hair follicles. A lack in vitamin D can cause stunt your hair growth and is associated with auto-immune deficiencies that causes bald patches and alopecia. 

These vitamins can be purchased over the counter at any pharmacy locations or requested from your doctor.


Massaging the Scalp

Massaging the scalp for five minutes every day will increase blood flow to the scalp thus stimulating the hair growth process. It is best to use the tips of your fingers or a scalp massager with a growth oil. Take this time to just relax your brain, ease stress and enjoy releasing negative energy. Believe it or not our hair holds on to energy. I do this routine daily and it does help me to think clearer, while growing my hair and I have seen the difference it makes. This leads me to tip 5.




Use A Hair Growth Oil

Incorporating a hair growth in your haircare routine will stimulate hair growth. Hair growth oils help with scalp conditions such as dandruff, alopecia and itchy scalp. A good, formulated growth oil will melt into the scalp and increase blood flow, nourish the scalp and protects the hair from heat and exposure to chemicals and synthetic ingredients. When choosing a hair growth oil chose oils that will penetrate the hair strands, provides thickness, rich in fatty acids, boost balance in the oil producing glands (Sebum) in your hair, and has anti-fungal properties. 

Our most popular hair growth oil are:

Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil- Includes herbs and other ingredients that boost hair growth, helps with postpartum shedding and increases blood blow to the scalp. We recommend this oil for you if you are experiencing postpartum hair loss, dry scalp, itchy scalp and desire to increase hair growth.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Growth Serum- Formulated to repair damage, dry and brittle hair. Helps to regrow and thicken thinning edges, bald spots and thin hair. This is our #1 bestselling hair oil it includes herbs and other oils such as Avocado oil for added growth benefits. We recommend this oil if you are having issues with bald spots, thinning edges and thinning hair.

Chebe and Hibiscus Growth Oil- Is formulated to strengthen the hair and increase hair growth. Chebe is known for its strengthening, moisturizing and softening abilities and has been used by woman worldwide to retain length. Chebe is the secret to very long hair and made of all natural ingredients such as Chebe seed. It is traditionally used in Chad a country in Africa, to grow their hair pass their waist and retain its strength. 

Tripple up your hair growth benefits with our Tripple Hair Growth Oil Bundle, and we'll throw in a scalp massager for free ($13.99 value).



 TIP 6

Create a routine

We just gave you 5 proven effective hair growth tips. However, the hardest part is implementing and remaining consistent so that you can achieve your hair growth goals. A great hair care routine will ease the process of achieving your hair goals. We have a completed a survey which showed that 90% of women today do not have a hair care routine to achieve their hair growth goals.

Having a routine change my life and changed my hair growth game for the good. While having a hair care routine I was able to trust the process and achieve my hair goals. I was also able to see the benefits of the products I used and how effective they were. We have created a system that provides:

1. The right products in a bundle for the right hair type that gets you the results you're looking for. Customize your kit with the products you need or choose one of our bundles.

2. Accountability by keeping you on schedule with your washday and plan that helps you step by step with your hair care goals.

3. On demand restock of your hair products with huge savings on our subscription plan so that you will never run out. No need to constantly think of when you need to reorder products to continue this journey.

Unlock these benefits and start growing and maintaining longer and stronger hair today! In three simple steps:

We can help you to achieve your hair growth goals by keeping you accountable in this process.  

This plan works for four out of five women have seen the results from implementing the steps in this plan. Sign up today for our growth system and save 15% off your subscription.

When you sign up today you will get 20% off for the first three months. This offer expires soon.

Not sure which product to choose, contact us here and we will recommend the right product for you.

I hope you feel more confident and comfortable in knowing how to take care of your hair. Let us know in the comment section below which one of these tips you will try.


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